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Frequently Asked Questions

This seems very expensive compared to conventional air travel, why would I want to fly on AirOptions other than Southwest?

AirOptions may be more expensive for a flight from San Diego to Los Angeles than that of going through Southwest Airlines. However, when your time is of value, AirOptions is a quicker alternative to waiting in long security lines, traveling to the large airports, and waiting for when the airlines plan on flying. If you need to get there at a certain time there is a solution. Flying AirOptions allows you to fly from a small airport closer to home to a small airport closer to your destination. The difference is time.

How much does it cost to stay overnight to keep the plane at my location?

We are happy to accommodate your needs and if your business should require or you should so desire to stay somewhere over night there is a flat fee for keeping the aircraft on location and for the pilot to stay there.

Is it possible to share a ride with other persons to defer cost?

Absolutely, multiple parties may get together to defer the cost of a trip. AirOptions is beginning to utilize social networking websites to help travelers group together for trips. Please email us with a request on our website or message us on our Facebook or Twitter pages.

How many people can go with me on my trip?

A total of eight passengers can fit on our King Air. If you desire to transport more persons, we can arrange any type of aircraft to accomodate your trip.

Can I buy hours in bulk at a discounted rate?

AirOptions offers many different packages regarding the purchasing of flight hours. Click here to visit our page on different packages offered for more details

Does AirOptions offer aircraft other than King Airs?

Most certainly, AirOptions is currently looking into partnering with Very Light Jet owners in San Diego and Southern California for example, Mustangs and Phenoms, please see this page to participate in our VLJ poll to voice your opinion.
AirOptions also can provide any other type of aircraft through our large network of aircraft charter companies. Due to our close connections AirOptions has the ability to find better rates than the average consumer.

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